Tomorrow is a song sung by the Glee Club Kids in the episode "Fortuitous Future".


Glee Club Kids: Every morning brings a brand new day.
So fresh and new, I just gotta say.
Gee, I'm glad there always comes a tomorrow.
Tomorrow brings possibility.
Who can say what your life will really be?
Man, I'm psyched there always comes a tomorrow.
Boy (Speaking): I'm gunna be a fire fighter when I grow up.
Girl (Speaking): I'm gunna be a fire starter. Then we can play together.
(both cheer)
Theo (Speaking): Aw.
Glee Club Kids: The one thing you can always count on
at the stroke of twelve a new day will dawn.
Otherwise, we would all drown in our sorrow.
[Student drops his pudding cup on the floor]
Student (Speaking): Well, there's always tomorrow's pudding cup.
Theo (Speaking): Aw.
Glee Club Kids: Oh, tomorrow. You're the greatest.
Oh, tomorrow. You bring me luck.
Not having a tomorrow would really -
[Theo slams the door on them, cutting them off. The last word was apparently "suck".]

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