• The TheoMertonFanatic


    July 9, 2018 by The TheoMertonFanatic

    i haven't been here since december but i hate this show now


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  • EC-707

    If the second season is announced, let me know.

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  • The TheoMertonFanatic


    December 28, 2017 by The TheoMertonFanatic

    Hello, My name is Laney Glama/The TheoMertonFanatic/Niyander and Laney Penn Fan!

    My favorite shows are Grojband, Looped, Sidekick, Wayside, Chuck's Choice, Camp Lakebottom, And Total Drama.

    3 Random facts:

    • My brother is Ryan Gilliam. (Ryan the Red Motimon on Youtube, RyantheDoraemonGuy03 on Scratch,

    ChiroFan2003 on Wiki, and PMD99Swell on DeviantArt).

    • I think that Luc, Kyle, and Sarah are cute.
    • I love aesthetics.
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